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Live Butterfly Kits

Live Butterfly Kit Section - Live butterfly kits are the BEST SELLING items on our website! Caterpillars are in stock so you can get caterpillars shipped with your order. Butterfly Kits are FUN projects for children and adults! Witness the wonder of the butterfly life cycle with these child-and-insect friendly habitats. See the caterpillar's transition as it grows, changes into a chrysalis, and finally emerges as a Painted Lady butterfly! It takes 3 weeks to go from caterpillar to butterfly. Keep adult butterflies indoors or release outside; absolutely safe to release into the environment. Check out our Science Projects For Kids using our butterfly kits. Did you know: when you include hands-on science activities like our butterfly kits when teaching kids, that student achievement increases by as much as 40%. FUN WINTER PROJECTS! Enjoy rearing butterflies ANY time of year, even WINTERTIME! Instructions included with butterfly hatching kit to keep the butterflies inside for their life cycle. See our FAQ page for most common butterfly kit questions. Available only in the Continental U.S. Ages 4+.

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Real Butterfly Life Cycle Display
Real Butterfly Life Cycle Display
Real Butterfly Life Cycle Display

Contains REAL Bright White Butterfly Specimens in crystal clear Lucite! This unique, high quality display contains all the stages of the butterfly life cycle: eggs, caterpillar, chrysalis, adult butterfly and food plant. This unbreakable large 6.5″x2.5″ transparent display lets anyone explore the butterfly life cycle from every angle.

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