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CHRISTMAS DELIVERY: We are shipping all orders ON THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY through Christmas.
Order by 17th December for delivery with normal shipping.
IMPORTANT Christmas Live Critter Shipping: To order live critters for Christmas, order from 13th to 17th December in order to have them arrive close to Christmas.
If it's below 45° in your area, order the kit with a certificate to redeem for critters later.

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Sending a Gift from Butterfly & Nature Gift Store


Is there a nature lover in your life? We have the gift you are looking for!

To share the joy of nature with someone special, enter his or her address as the “Shipping” address on the order form.

Be sure to include a FREE GIFT MESSAGE with the item – after you click “Add to Cart” for the item(s) you can enter your personal message (don’t forget to say who it’s from!) in the “Enter Free Gift Card Message” section on the ordering page and it will be included with the item.

If you include a free Gift Card Message with your purchase, only the person at the ‘Bill to’ address will receive an invoice. The price will NOT be included with the item(s) when it is a gift.


Sending Your Order as a Gift