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CHRISTMAS DELIVERY: We are shipping all orders ON THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY through Christmas.
Order by 17th December for delivery with normal shipping.
IMPORTANT Christmas Live Critter Shipping: To order live critters for Christmas, order from 13th to 17th December in order to have them arrive close to Christmas.
If it's below 45° in your area, order the kit with a certificate to redeem for critters later.

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  • We just got our ant farm and tube of ants. They are digging away already. My 9 year old got a uncle Milton gel ant farm for Christmas. We ordered the $5 “free” ants from them direct. The few that were not dead have barely done anything. In two weeks most are dead. She was very disappointed. We decided to go old school and get ants from you. Very satisfied with the whole process. We will definitely be ordering more from you! –C. Roberts
  • We received the AntWorks farm today with ants and I was very happy to see that all the ants were alive and well. They’ve only been in there a few hours now, but they are already starting to check out the holes we poked in the gel. My daughter loves it! L. Abshear
  • I placed an order with you through Amazon, and wanted to say thank you! My daughters are so fascinated with the live caterpillars. I can only imagine the fun of watching them turn into butterflies. We placed an order through a competitor the same time last year (before the temps got too high). Unfortunately, it took them over 6 weeks to ship the caterpillars to us and they arrived dead since the temps were in the 90s and 100s by then. We were very disappointed. I am so thankful that you ship so much faster and the caterpillars arrived in time for us to enjoy them this summer. I will only order from you in the future. Thank you! J. Parker
  • Trevor loves the Grow-a-frog kit and the Venus Fly Trap Kit! Your products are awesome! Thank you so much! A. Dopps
  • I ordered your butterfly kit for my granddaughter for her birthday. It arrived in two days and to everyone’s amazement all twelve of the butterflies hatched. She had such fun and what a terrific learning experience. Thank you, Carolyn H.
  • Our new African Dwarf frogs just arrived from over 3,000 miles away and they love their new home. I thought they’d be exhausted after that long of a journey, but your packaging was excellent. They are very active and healthy. We look forward to future purchases. Mr. and Dr. Marks
  • I wanted to tell you that all 30 painted lady butterflies were born 🙂 Thank you! The kids loved the whole process! B. Hughes
  • My order arrived in perfect order. The stamps on the box really helped alot. I want to thank you very much for sending them. It was very nice of you and greatly appreciated. I brought them to the school that day and they were very, very, happy. Thanks for making everyone’s day! They will release the butterflies for the kindergarten graduation. They are also going to try and make this a yearly event. Again I thank you so very very much. It was great doing business with you and I will tell everyone what a great company you are. L. Buonagura
  • Outstanding!! My order was received yesterday! The customer service you offer is beyond wonderful. I will surely return..doing business with the Nature gift Store is amazing. We have caterpillars in their chrysalis at the moment and my daughter is already asking for more..I know where I’ll be going for them. Thank you again for your wonderful support & customer satisfaction. B. Taylor
  • I had ordered from you a few weeks ago for our second grade class (in conjunction with a unit on south America) and they just released the butterflies! The larvae were healthy and the children had an amazing educational experience. Our kindergarten class just began a unit about Eric carle. Usually the focus of the class is about the art depicted in The Very Hungry Caterpillar but the children were fascinated by the life cycle of the butterfly so that is why our ordering is so last minute. I appreciate you sending them out as soon as possible. Thanks again, Janessa
  • We just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. We received the caterpillars today. My 4 year old is loving her new friends. It’s not often these days to find a company that backs up their products like you have. We will be ordering more items from you. I think our next project might be the frog kit. I am only concerned about the weather getting too hot. We may have to wait until later this fall. Again thanks from my daughter. Kevin and Julianna
  • Thank you so much for providing good, quality hermit crabs. I purchased the original 2 from you with a starter kit back in December for a Christmas gift for my son. One of the crabs only made it a few months. We bought 2-3 replacement crabs from a chain pet store and they were small, not active and didn’t make it longer than about 2 months. I recently purchased the next crab from you and as soon as I got him, he was very active and seemed to get along well with the original crab I purchased from you. They are large, have nice shells and seem to be very healthy. Thank you again, you have a great business. A. Shockley
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! My mom just called me in tears becausethe butterflies arrived.I normally buy butterflies from the Omaha Zoo, and when they said they didn’t have Monarchs I was devastated.They specifically recommended your site so I thought I would try it. I am so glad they told me about you. Thank you So much. You really helped make mymom’s day. I cannot thank you enough. 🙂 M. Paulson
  • I recently ordered the 2 Live Tadpole Kit. They arrived today and they are fabulous. The tadpoles were not only delivered safely, securely packaged and alive, but they are huge, thriving and wonderful. I cannot wait to share them with my first grade class tomorrow! They will be part of a thematic unit on amphibians. We will be making observations and keeping a daily record book together as we watch them develop into frogs. Thank you for your wonderful service and I will recommend your company to anyone.Carrie Carr, 1st Grade Teacher
  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! We are so happy with this healthy batch, we are all completely impressed! Thank you for taking care of us! A. Youngs
  • Thank you so much for your speedy response. I am so thankful for your prompt and courteous customer service and for backing up your products. I will definitely recommend your company to others. C. Pulisi
  • I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your Company the shipping was so fast and my Nephew that I sent the butterfly kit to is thrilled. I will defiantly use you again. Thank you so much for the exceptional service. L. Skaaden
  • Awesome, thanks, we’ll order more (caterpillars) in the spring so we can let them go. I appreciate the help. My son loves these. Thanks again and I’ll order from you again because of the customer service alone. Thanks! R. Bates
  • Dear Nature Gifts ~ The butterfly kit that I purchased from you for my five-year old granddaughter has brought months of enjoyment to her and her parents. It may be the single best gift yet. My daughter gives me an A+. Thank you. D. Raynor
  • I received the Frog Kit in time for the birthday party. My granddaughter was thrilled. Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided. I will definitely order again and refer customers your direction. D. Blackhurst
  • I know my granddaughter is going to love the Butterfly Kit. I have already told many people about your site and the wonderful customer service I have received… I will continue to do so, and will be ordering again from you soon. Judy G.
  • My purchase exceeded my expectations and I will be revisiting your site. In these days of faceless vendor/customer digital transactions, it is scenarios like this which stand out as ‘great attention to detail’ and ‘care in customer service.’ D. Soto
  • The ant farm is giving my daughter and her friends much enjoyment. Thank you for your prompt service and quality product. D. Gazaway
  • I loved the butterflies with the pink roses under the glass domes. Thank you for being so professional and courteous! –R. Wills
  • Our caterpillars are all doing well and weaving their chryallis’s. Thanks again for your attention and great customer service. J. Westpfahl
  • I wanted to say thanks for your hard work. The whole process was very enjoyable and educational. When we release our butterflies my two girls asked when we could do it again. I can tell you care deeply about this gift we’ve been given. So, thanks again for making it easy. J. Holt
  • I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the customer service that you provide. It is hard to find good customer service these days and I was very excited to learn that your company takes pride in YOUR customer service. My granddaughter is very happy to watch more caterpillars turn into butterflies! Great Job! T. Lurie
  • I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance. My children and I enjoyed the butterfly kit tremendously. I will definitely be ordering more in the future. I have told several people about my excellent experience with your company. K. Burke
  • I just wanted to write a quick thank you. We recently purchased a butterfly kit from you. This kit was one of the coolest things I have ever purchased. Not only did it hold the attention of our 3 year old, it also help the attention of many adults. It was well worth the money spent to be able to watch such an amazing journey. Thanks again! J. Nevarez
  • We just wanted to let you know we had a good time with our butterfly kit. We have released them all and occasionally we wee one fluttering around the yard. We look forward to doing this with our granddaughter next year. T. Martins
  • Thank you so much for your amazing customer service! It is so hard to find that in this day and age so I want you to know that I so greatly appreciate everything and we will be ordering from your site again! A. Demler
  • You have truly provided me personable and superior customer service. Thanks so much for all of your help. R. Cohen
  • Wow, I am very impressed with your follow up on customer inquiries. This has made an everlasting impression on me and I will definitely order from your company in the future. — C. LaRusso
  • WOW! Thank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate the stellar customer service. I will definitely come to you the next time we need a critter. C. Mayer
  • You have been the easiest to work with and I shall recommend you to everyone I know! Just great customer service! A million thanks for being great! N. Hohnhorst
  • We received our butterfly kit and I had no idea what to expect. What a pleasant surprise – his was by far the most educational and interesting gift they have received. I can’t say enough about the product and will tell everyone I know about it. Thanks! -m Ray
  • It’s nice to know there’s still some stores out there that take care of customers after the sale is made. J. Bankhead
  • Thanks so much. What service!!! The ants have already tunneled on their first night! -H. Pietrobono
  • Thank you so much for the butterfly frames! They are beautiful! I will definitely be ordering some more from you! Thanks for your great work! – J. Stropp