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Live Tadpole Growing Kits

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Live Tadpole Growing Kits - This complete LIVE frog growing kit offers children the unique opportunity to grow a frog from a tadpole. When you buy tadpoles your kids get hands-on experience with the frog life cycle! Watch tadpole to frog metamorphosis before your eyes! Grow a Frog kits are fun and educational projects and at the end you have grown your own pet frog! Everything you need is included with the kit. Expect the change from tadpole to frog to take approximately 12-16 weeks. See our FAQ page for most common grow a frog kit questions. You can also just buy tadpoles from us when you’re ready to watch the process again. Ordering our tadpoles for sale is easy and live arrival is guaranteed. Please do not order live tadpoles if below 40 degrees or above 85 degrees in your area.
Frog ‘Dry Land’ Island
Frog ‘Dry Land’ Island

A vacation oasis for your Froglet and adult Frog! When your tadpole becomes a Froglet (has both front and rear legs but still has the tail) you need to find a rock or piece of wood for them to use to crawl out of the water and onto ‘dry land’ in your habitat. OR you can buy this decorative ready-made insert that fits perfectly into the Large 2 gallon size Grow a Frog habitat. 5.5”x4”x5.5”.

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