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Real Butterfly Wing Art Item. Huge 32×48 size
Original Art Made 100% from Butterfly Wings
This collage is truly a unique and stunning piece of contemporary art. It is constructed from thousands of individual butterfly wings arranged in abstract geometric patterns. The colors range from shimmering iridescent blues thru vibrant yellows to passionate reds. The piece, measuring 48 inches by 32 inches, is large enough to be a commanding presence in any location. It creates an instant focal point. Imagine how striking this collage will look behind a couch, over a fireplace, in an entry foyer, above a buffet. It is compatible with a variety of design styles ranging from Modern thru Deco, Pop, Contemporary, and Minimalist.The collage is made totally from non-endangered butterflies that are raised on Butterfly Farms in rainforest areas of South and Central America. The butterflies are captive reared specimens, who live out their natural lifespan before being collected for insect collectors and butterfly houses around the world. Butterfly Farming helps save valuable rainforest habitat by providing villagers an alternate source of income other than clearing virgin tropical forest and is approved of by ecological and conservation organizations worldwide.The artist who created this particular collage used only butterfly wings in perfect A1 condition with no fading or tears. The quality of both the wings and workmanship is unsurpassed. The collage has been created on acid free paper and it has been professionally framed in a simple black metal frame to museum standards using conservation UV protective glass.Shipping: Because of the size of the piece and the large expanse of glass, it will need to be professionally boxed. Crating and ground shipping charges are INCLUDED in the price.$1499.95 Sold Out


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