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Nature Toys & Rocks

Nature Toys & Rocks – We have super fun items that teach too! Stimulate curious minds about rocks, fossils, minerals and crystals. We have kits that encourage experimenting with properties of rocks and minerals. You can hold real million-year-old fossils right in your hand. Grow some crystals and learn about chemistry at the same time. Get involved and break some geodes to see what’s inside –and kids won’t notice they are learning at the same time. The perfect gifts for any kids who like to explore their world.

Visit our 'rocks for kids' page for lots of items including our Break-Your-Own Geodes. Learn about rocks, minerals and fossils.
Crystal Mining Kit
Excavate, study and then display your own 8 beautiful crystals. Kids are excited to extract each crystal and can look at them with the magnifying glass. They'll have a wonderful time exploring the differences/colors/textures. Includes plaster rock with 8 embedded crystals, digging tool, display case and drawstring pouch.
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Rock Candy Growing Kit
Eat your scientific experiment! Rock Candy has always been a favorite. Watch the beautiful crystals form in just 1 week, then eat the sweet results. What are crystals? What makes crystals grow? What is a super-saturated solution? Why are crystals important to us? Find out the answers to these questions ...
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25 Semi-Precious Gemstone Collection
These 25 different gemstones are the perfect gift for a budding geologist or anyone who just loves cool gemstones! These small gemstones are cut, polished and come in a variety of shapes and colors. On the back of the box are pictures of 20 different, labelled gemstones that might be ...
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Crystal Growing Experiment Kit
This large sized kit allows you to conduct 7 different crystal growing experiments. Watch the sparkling crystals grow, then display them in the specially designed display cases that are included with the kit. Make your own collection of crystals. Includes everything you need. Ages 10+ with parental supervision.  
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Mineral Science Kit
Kids learn about minerals by testing, classify and identify the 15 mineral samples. Includes a full range of types of minerals, a small magnifier, a nail and tile for testing and activity guide offering more test ideas for further study. The samples are small but plenty big enough to do ...
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Crystal Growing Kit
It really works! The fun part was watching the crystals grow. It is a Sparkling chemistry experiment! Grow your own crystals in the container provided. They grow up to 2 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches high. The shape and size vary depending on the experimental conditions. Ages 10+ with ...
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Break Your Own Geode: 6 Geodes approx. 2
These Geodes from Morocco are ugly round rocks created by ancient volcanos that have pretty Quartz Crystals inside. Be the first to discover the prehistoric treasure inside each one. You never know what's inside! Makes an interesting scientific experiment and teaches about geology. Instructions on how to open geodes are ...
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Magic Rocks
A blast from the past! This classic toy is a reminder of our childhood, we all remember these cool kits. Rocks grow to different heights up to 4 inches. The decoration will be either a treasure chest, shark, ship wreck or octopus. Create a brilliant underwater garden! Instructions and everything ...
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Rock Science Kit
What a great way to observe and learn about rocks in a hands-on way. Includes a magnifier and instructions to discover the secrets of these 15 rocks! While rock specimens vary per kit, it will include 5 each of Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary.
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