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Live Ladybug Kits

Live Ladybug Larvae Kits – Product Details

Live Ladybug Kits – We offer fun Live Ladybugs Kits! With our Ladybug Larvae rearing kit, you can discover the metamorphosis of a real live lady bugs. Mail the certificate in the habitat kit ($5 required for larvae shipping) to receive your Pink Spotted ladybug larvae. The see-through domed habitat allows you to get a bug’s eye view as you watch the small alligator-shaped larvae eat their special food and drink from “water bubbles.” Our ladybug larvae for sale for kids take around 2 weeks to develop in the custom habitat that is escape-proof (hard to do with these tiny larva) and has built-in water area. The larvae are clever and can crawl around the entire inside of the clear dome. Cool! Be sure to see some of our other live kits including ant farms, butterfly rearing kits, bug-eating plants and more. Note: we do not carry larvae here, you have to use the mail-in certificate to get larvae from the supplier.

Kits to Raise Live Ladybugs from Baby Larvae to Adults! The Ladybug Land Ladybug Farm Shows the Whole Life Cycle.

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