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Our Ladybug Houses help attract pest-eating ladybugs to your garden! A great gift for gardeners. Some custom made for our store.

Wildlife Houses & Feeders - We have homes for birds, bats, bees, ladybugs and even toads! Most of our houses are individually hand-painted, so slight variations in the painting occur and serve to enhance the originality of each piece. Our unusual designs are unique and will make a perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for gardener or nature lover in your life. Have fun with our wildlife houses and take delight in watching your interesting new neighbors enjoy their home. Also be sure to check out our Butterfly Houses & Feeders!

Patterned Ladybug House
Fun and functional ladybug Décor for your garden! This bright ladybug house will draw attention with four attractive patterns along the peaked roof and is a good size at 5"x 6" x 8.5" tall. The front features ladybug shapes in lovely colors to compliment the roof. The perfect colorful addition to any home or garden. Slotted front offers ladybugs easy access yet protection from weather and predators. Twist the metal latch to remove the front panel for checking the box or adding twigs to its interior. Keyhole hanger for mounting on a tree or wall.

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Because ladybugs infest homes yearly once they’ve started, many homeowners will put out a Ladybug House for them to overwinter in the next year, in hopes they will stay in the ladybug house instead of in their home.

'Ladybug Barn' Ladybug House, lady bug houses

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Red Roof Ladybug House - ladybug house

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Round Ladybug House - ladybug house

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Check out our lady bug houses for sale, many made exclusively for us.

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