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butterfly kit faq

Q: How long before I get my caterpillars?

A: If your kit came with a certificate for caterpillars, mail it or fax it to us per the instructions. Allow 2 weeks for them to arrive.

Q: Can I order butterflies during the winter?

A: Yes! If it’s below 55? outside, keep the butterflies in the Habitat for their full lifespan of 2 to 4 weeks instead of releasing them outside. We include a butterfly feeder for you. Expect a shipping delay if it’s below freezing in your area.

Q: My caterpillars aren’t moving. Are they dead?

A: Probably not, it may take days before they decide to move. We guarantee 3 caterpillars from each Cup will develop into perfect butterflies, so don’t worry.

Q: Can I remove the Cup lid and play with the caterpillars?

A: No. Removing the lid may introduce harmful bacteria. They have all the food and air they need to develop.

Q: Why are the chrysalides shaking?

A: This is a natural instinct to ward off predators. Some may shake and some may not.

Q: If a chrysalis falls off the Disk, what should I do?

A: Gently lay it on the bottom of the Habitat on a napkin near a wall of the Habitat. These are usually OK.

Q: What is the red liquid I see coming from the butterflies right after they emerge?

A: It is called Meconium. It is the leftover coloring and tissues from the butterfly’s metamorphosis. It is not blood.

Q: How long before I have butterflies?

A: Approximately 3 weeks: 5 to 10 days in the caterpillar stage and 7 to 10 days in the chrysalis stage.

Q: How long will the butterflies live?

A: Their normal life span is 2 to 4 weeks in the wild or in the Habitat.

Q: When should I release my adult butterflies?

A: After observing the adult butterflies for a few days you can release them if the temperature is above 55 degree Farenheit?.

Q: How do I clean my butterfly habitat before reusing it?

A: Just rinse the mesh with warm tap water and hang to dry. Then you’re ready to raise some more!

You can visit for more information on the Butterfly Life Cycle and Biology.