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Chameleon Vision Eyeglasses


Awesome Nature Toys – We have chosen the coolest, most awesome nature toys for kids that we could find. Get your bright kid away from the computer games and interacting with these fun toys – they won’t even notice they are learning something. Any would be a perfect gift idea for a nature lover. Learn about animal vision, weather, solar energy, how rainbows are made, what gyroscopic force is – all in fun and interactive ways. Stimulate the scientific curiosity of children with these neat items.

Chameleon Vision Eyeglasses
Kids can see the world from this unusual reptile's point of view! The eyes twist so you can see in 2 directions at once, or even for a 360° view like a chameleon sees – so even check behind you with the mirrors on either side of the mask. This sturdy plastic mask has a softer plastic around the face for comfort and elastic adjustable strap.

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