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Our butterfly displays were featured on FRINGE: Season 1, Episode 9: The Dreamscape

Original Air Date—25 November 2008

Butterfly Breeding Enclosure in Western Colombia

Butterfly farm in Monte Verde, Costa Rica

Butterfly farm in Monte Verde, Costa Rica

All of the framed Real Butterfly specimens at Butterfly & Nature Gift Store are raised on butterfly farms which help to preserve valuable rainforest habitat by providing villagers an alternate income other than clearing virgin tropical rainforest. Raising insects to sell is the only incentive some indigenous peoples have to save their tropical forests. These unique, handcrafted butterfly items display Real Butterflies for best visibility of their striking natural colors and shapes. These real butterfly displays are perfect for beautiful and environmentally friendly gifts, artistic displays, teachers, scientists and private collectors. Every item comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity” which explains the butterfly’s origins and how your
purchase helped to save our rainforests!


These butterflies are naturally preserved and should retain their beauty for many decades to come, providing you keep them from bright sunlight, high humidity and extremes in temperature.


Butterflies are raised on butterfly farms expressly for lifetime preservation and have lived their entire lifespan of about 30 days. The butterfly specimens are from butterfly and insect farms in
Australia, Asia, North, Central and Southern America rainforest areas which breed and supply live and non-live insect specimens for butterfly houses and insect collectors around the world. Catching and using butterflies from the wild is not only uneconomical, but the specimens are invariably damaged and of no use for this type of art. Butterflies live their entire life span on these rainforest farms, and produce eggs for the next generation. No butterflies or
insects used in these displays are endangered species. All are legally imported into the US as regulated by the US Fish and Wildlife Department.

In the wild, less than 7% of butterfly eggs will survive to adulthood. In contrast, captive breeding programs on butterfly farms achieve 70%-90% survival rates. Based on a 70% survival rate, butterfly farms can produce 2450 specimens from an average female Birdwing butterfly in just three generations! These figures give you an idea of just how reproductive the insect world is.

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