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Ant Habitat For Sale - 2 Connectable Ant Farms

Ant Habitat For Sale - 2 Connectable Ant Farms
Ant Farms Section - WE HAVE LIVE ANTS IN STOCK! 8 different Ant Farm styles to choose from. You can get your LIVE Western Harvester Ants sent with your farm. Observe ant behavior like tunnel and chamber making, and see different ant 'jobs' like feeder ants that gather food and worker ants that dig. Ants are very clean and will move all their refuse as well as dead ants away from their tunnels. Our ants are for both sand and gel ant farms, and also for Science Fair Projects on Ants. Check out our Ant Farm Experiment For Kids using our ant farms. Ants can only be shipped within the continental US. Recommended for ages 8+. Read our Ant FAQ for most asked questions.


2 Connectable Ant Farms

  • Set of 2 large 9"wide by 6" high Uncle Milton's world famous original and multiple award winning ant farms. 
  • Ants travel between the 2 ant farms through clear, flexible Antway™ Connector Tubes.
  • Includes 24-inch clear, flexible Antway Travel Tube for connecting Antports, water feeder, clean tunneling sand, and illustrated 'Ant Watcher's Guide.'
  • Mail the certificate in the kit (extra $3 required for ant shipping) and in 2-6 weeks you'll receive your supply of aprox. 25 live Western Harvester Ants.
  • LIVE arrival guaranteed. Please do not order if below 40 degrees or above 85 degrees in your area. Our live arrival guaranty will be void if ordered during these temperatures.

$23.95 with certificate for ants Add to Order  
$29.95 with 1 tube LIVE ANTS sent NOW Add to Order  
$35.95 with 2 tubes LIVE ANTS sent NOW Add to Order    


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