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We have the LARGEST selection of Butterfly & Nature themed gifts online! Because we offer the BEST Prices, the BEST Customer Service and BEST Selection, we've been your online gift resource for over 10 Years. Join our repeat clients who always find new and interesting items in our large store. Our secure servers make ordering online both safe and easy! We carry everything from Butterfly Art and Nature Jewelry to Butterfly Feeders and Bird Houses - all perfect as a Butterfly Gift or Nature Gifts!  Explore The Butterfly Store - we offer the largest selection of exciting Butterfly Gifts and Butterfly Art anywhere on the internet!

Many of the unique, handcrafted butterfly items display Real Butterflies for best visibility of their striking natural colors and shapes. These butterflies are raised in "butterfly farms" which help to preserve valuable rainforest habitat by providing villagers an alternate income other than clearing virgin tropical rainforest.

Butterfly and Nature Gifts Store items are a fantastic way
to enjoy the beauty of the rainforest while protecting it.

Order a Butterfly Gift or Nature Gift for yourself or that special person!

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Blue Morpho Butterfly: See-Thru Frame - pictures of butterflies
Framed Real Blue Morpho Butterfly

Live Tadpoles with Food
Live Tadpole with Food

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